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It is a fact that many successful businesses were launched from humble beginnings. Some were kitchen table ideas that blossomed into flourishing enterprises.

One common thread unites entrepreneurs. Most are doing what they love. They've made their passion their life's work. Most have known it all their lives; some have been told repeatedly that they should invest in and develop their special gift or talent. Others have found their passion later in life, discovering hidden creativity they never thought existed. Through hard work, perseverance and a plan, they have established careers they love, and are enjoying the rewards.

So what would inspire men and women from all walks of life to take a leap of faith and embrace entrepreneurship? For some, spending quality time with their family is a motivating factor—others want to leave the corporate "rat race" and start a business of their own. And for others, retirement is not quite retirement. They have a vision of unlimited possibilities, financial independence, and personal fulfillment.

Today, many hold the reins on small, medium sized and large enterprises and are proud of their accomplishments. An increasing number of them are running profitable businesses out of the comfort of their homes.
The Discover Your Passion & Creativity Worksheet is more than a business resource. It will help you unearth your hidden gifts and talents, and spur you on to utilizing them in other areas of your life.

For a FREE copy to your inbox, write to info@awalkinthegardengreetings.com. Use the word "Discover Your Passion & Creativity Worksheet" in the subject line or submit via form at the bottom of this page.

Here is a sample of some of the questions the worksheet contains. It will help you launch your business, doing what you love:

1.) What have you always enjoyed doing as a child that you would consider your special gift or talent? It's possible you might have more than one.

2.) When you experience boredom, what is the primary thing that you do that is creative and brings you enormous joy? Some ideas: knitting, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, sewing, shopping, decorating, photography, babysitting, volunteering. List your top 3 hobbies or pastimes.

3.) Reflect over all your work experiences, and list some of your greatest achievements in the workplace. Also note which areas of your work are/were the most fulfilling. What did you look forward to most on a daily basis?

The Small Business Series at A Walk In The Garden Greetings provides ideas, resources and inspiration to encourage you on your entrepreneurial and life journey.

Begin today to take a step of faith. Plant seeds along the way; don't give up. Nurture your dreams and watch them unfold. All the best in work and life!


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