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 Small Vegetable Garden Plans For a Home Garden
By Charlotte Cheadle

Planting a small vegetable garden is almost as much fun as harvesting. Can't you just taste the plump juicy tomatoes and the sweet tasting cantaloupe? Before you grow the area's largest pumpkin or zesty collards, and are short on space and time, take a look at some creative small vegetable garden plans. Read article


Yearning for Spring
By Katherine Weber

The flower buds are swelling on the maple tree. Their deep crimson color glows against the gray branches, seeming to gather light from the foggy air. Strange that they are always so much brighter when the day is gray than they are when the sun is shining. Read essay


Herb Garden Information for Beginners
By Nicki Goff

The cultivation and use of herbs as flavorings and medicines can be traced back to ancient Egyptians, the ancient Chinese and early Greeks and Romans. Read article


What Does Organic Gardening Mean
By Casey Coke

Indeed, what is organic gardening? Chemically, organic matter is matter with carbon atoms in it-naturally occurring materials. The term "synthetic" refers to any material that is produced in a laboratory, rather than in a living thing. "Organic Gardening" literally means not using synthetically produced items in the garden. The USDA has specific definitions for organic products, commercially grown, but there is no definition of "organic" for home gardeners. Read article








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